The first Fusion Magnetic Lashes in the industry, which combine standard magnetic and micro magnetic technology to provide flexibility while securing the lashes all day long.

• Takes only a few seconds to apply

• Lasts until you remove

• Reusable up to 50 times

• No glue/toxic

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SINCE 2022

Tired of mascara smudges and lash strips that just won't hold up?

Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to the future of flawless lashes! Our magnetic lashes, paired with innovative magnetic anchors, create an unbeatable combination that guarantees a worry-free, long-lasting hold.

Experience the freedom of lashes that stay perfectly in place from morning to night—no more touch-ups, no more compromises. Whether you're conquering a busy day at work or dancing the night away, our magnetic lashes are your ultimate beauty companion.

Here's why you'll love them:
✨ Unparalleled Hold: The magnetic anchors lock your lashes in place for hours on end, with zero budging or slipping.
✨ Easy Application: Say farewell to messy glues and hello to a quick and effortless application process.
✨ Lightweight Comfort: You'll forget you're even wearing lashes, as they feel natural and weightless.
✨ Cruelty-Free Beauty: Our lashes are ethically sourced and 100% cruelty-free, so you can look fabulous with a clear conscience.

Join the lash revolution and elevate your beauty game with lashes that aren't going anywhere—no matter what the day throws your way. Embrace the power of magnetic lashes and let your eyes steal the show!


Introducing K Boutique, a brand founded by Kayla Dinh, a millennial entrepreneur who understands the need for effortless yet striking makeup. As a busy entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses, Kayla recognized the importance of looking presentable, professional, and pleasant while maintaining a hectic schedule. She has always been passionate about fashion and makeup, but struggled to find comfortable and long-lasting eyelash products that actually delivered on their promises.

After trying a variety of products including glue-on strip lashes, lash extensions, and magnetic lashes, she found that none of them worked for her. The regular strip lashes were difficult to apply and would detach after a few hours, requiring frequent reapplication. Eyelash extensions proved to be costly, causing itchiness and twists that weakened her natural lashes. Magnetic lashes also look unnatural, feel heavy or have weak magnets.

Frustrated with the negative results, Kayla searched for other possible solutions and found that many women faced similar challenges. This confirmed the need for an ideal product/solution to keep makeup looking fresh and intact throughout the day. Witnessing the demand for striking, natural, and long-lasting eyelashes, she launched K Boutique-Daily Beauty Products.

K Boutique is an e-commerce store that caters to the daily needs of modern and dynamic women who aspire to effortlessly exude a radiant appearance. Our products are thoughtfully designed to provide long-lasting comfort for everyday wear. The name of our lashes was inspired by the K Café Patisserie & Tea House beverages at Kayla's Cafe. We also offer an eyelash vending machine at K Café Patisserie & Tea House (free taxes), making your purchasing experience even more convenient. Our founder, Kayla, hopes that you feel happy every day with a great pair of lashes and a cup of coffee.

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K-Boutique Fusion Magnetic Lashes revolutionize the industry with their unique combination of standard magnets and micro round magnets, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

With two standard magnets at the outer and inner corners, along with eight micro magnets in the middle, our lashes provide a flexible lash band with superior hold. Each pair of lashes also comes with four anchors for added convenience (refills available separately).