Lash Application Tutorial



Tips and Advice:

1. Start by drawing your eye with a regular black eyeliner to create the desired shape or wing. Then apply a thick magnetic liner on top of your regular liner. This way, you won't have to worry about the shape of the liner.

Remember, the thicker the liner, the stronger the magnets will be.

2. Each pair of lashes has four anchors, positioned at the inner and outer corners of the lash. Ensure that you remove them before applying the lash.

3. Wait for the liner to slightly dry before adhering the magnetic lashes on top. Make sure the magnets make contact with the liner.

For a more cat-eye look, apply the end of the lash slightly higher

There are full lashes & accent lashes available. Accent lashes are slightly longer than half lashes and are designed to focus on the outer half of the eyes, providing a more natural look.

4. Place the anchor under the inner corner of your real lashes to snap it to the magnetic lash. Use the anchor at the outer corner for extra hold.

The lashes will stay in place until you remove them. Even if a part falls off, the anchors will keep them together until you fix them.

You can also purchase refill anchors separately

5. To remove the lashes, gently pull them off. The magnets are strong, so using an oil-based makeup remover will be helpful.

6. To reuse the lashes, simply scrape off any dried magnetic liner left on them.